The team at GGT has been working on new ways of undertaking organisational assessments to provide a dynamic view of an organisation’s effectiveness and efficiency basing the technique on the principle of a gyroscope. We are looking forward to launching gyroscope in early 2018.


The Fostering Network Cymru and Caerphilly County Borough Council

Directors are engaged on assignments at the Fostering Network in Wales whilst a long term piece of work for the IT Department at Caerphilly CBC is coming to a close.


Completing Work

GGT Associates has delivered an Outline Business Case to Newport City Council and has moved onto developing a FBC whilst at the Vale of Glamorgan two commissioned reports have been delivered. The start to 2016 has been a busy one.


Using the 5 Case Business Model

We are completing work for one client and have just accepted a contract for another local authority where we shall be using the 5 case business model. If you would like to find out more about the model and how it can and should be used then please contact us.

Find out more here from the Wales Government website


GGT Associates Growing

It’s pleasing that we now have nine contracts that we are working on and that we have welcomed two new associates on board, Kath Durbin and Nicola Lewis. We are very happy to be working for Newport City Council and for ADSS Cymru.


Project Management Contract

Julie Griffiths has won a contract with Aecom, a global provider of professional and management support services, to produce an end of project report at a large South Wales educational institution.


Working with the Vale of Glamorgan Council

We are pleased to begin working with the Vale of Glamorgan Council on reviews of Families First and Families First qualifications with the work being led by Trevor Guy.  This work was won by GGT Associates Limited in a competitive process. We welcome Nicola Lewis as an Associate. Nicola is bringing her specialist experience in this area to GGT.


Interacting with GGT Associates Limited

Welcome to GGT Associates Limited. We are no different to many small businesses and have thought long and hard about how we present ourselves on all forms of social media.  The result of this deliberation is to put to one side the traditional website and to focus our efforts upon a blog style approach to keep our customers and prospective customers up to date with what we are doing and thinking.

Each of the Directors is readily contactable and you can find a short pen picture on the blog with the essential contact details.